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Big Announcement from Wilson Benesch: they have produced a flagship loudspeaker that has already achieved international acclaim. Read the full 17 page review

The Cardinal


The Cardinal represents the tip of a long and perfectly mapped development path, stretching back across multiple models. But the pace of advance isn't necessarily even and the Cardinal represents a genuine step change in both ambition and performance. It might be demanding but it can also be mightily rewarding and is, by some considerable margin and on any terms, the best speaker that Wilson Benesch has ever made - Roy Gregory, HIFI+, 2013

The New Vector Speaker 


The absence of tangible distortion, allows the sound image to be presented with remarkable clarity. The materials work to contribute to this success - the carbon - aluminium mix.

The Vector enclosure astonished us with its transparency, it's speed is first class. A revelation, high-performance yet very accessible. Diapason Magazine, France, 2012




Its sound is unbelievably smooth and velvety; harmonically rich, full, and vividly textured; marvelously rounded, tactile, and dimensional, with great body and solidity; and completely natural in its musicality and freedom from any of the usual sonic hype, audiophile style."

Paul Seydor - The Absolute Sound - April 2012




Pros: Fast, detailed, effortlessly powerful, musically revealing. Fatigue-free listening. The best digital playback I have heard."

Verdict: Class A+... John Marks Stereophile




The most natural sounding amplification in the world.

Jim Riddell from The First Time I Heard Them.



Feikert Turntables Extraordinary Precision Made German Turntables


The cables most used in the Best Sounding Rooms at the Show.

Hear the new Wilson Benesch Vector speakers. The fabulous deHavilland 50A amplifiers and Mercury 3 preamplifier. If you love vinyl you need to hear the much talked about ZestoAndros PS 1 Phono Stage, The Feikert Woodpecker Turntable with the Tri-Planar Tonearm, and wired together with the amazing Kubala-Sosna cables and interconnects. 






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