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These fabulous amplifiers have been our go to amplifiers for about one year.
Retail $50,000 selling for $34,600


These marvelous speakers work in push pull like an electrostatic speaker and are every bit as fast. They serve as a wonderful foundation for any very good speaker. Just bring them in under the bass of your speakers. This adds that really good bass lacking in most every speaker plus give addition air to the presence. 
Retail price is $12,500 selling for $8750.


Musical Nirvana for someone, our space got to crowded.. 
The X shelf is made from Laminated Bamboo and is coated in Nextel for sound deadening, and the edges employ a more acute edge than normal to lower weight and assist energy dissipation. Finally small Bronze spike locators hold the shelf in place, shaped conically to give a natural sound.

The X Reference uses a larger diameter column and a larger thread to lock the X shelves together to be very rigid whilst still remaining reasonably light. SVT shaping on the columns and internally where the columns clamp the X frame further reduce parallel lines to reduce standing waves and improve sound.

This results in a rack that makes equipment perform to a surprising level, offering a very low noise floor for greater definition of music and opening up the soundstage in all dimensions. 
Retail price is $7196.00 Sale price: $3600.00



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