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The Kubala Sosna Expander

The Power Distributor

Cables and Interconnects

With Elation level of performance to take you deeper into the music. Add dynamics cohesiveness density to the music.



Cables and Interconnects

We are pleased to offer the Kubala-Sosna Cables. They are simply
stunning. So true to the music, the flow, the rhythm, and tonal
balance—simply breathtaking.




PFO Review - Elation!

"... I am now prepared to elevate the new and quite phenomenal Kubala-Sosna Elation Interconnects, Speaker Cables, and AC Cords to State of the Art... My congratulations to Kubala-Sosna and their design team for elevating my listening experience to new celestial heights of realism with the Elation. Recommended reproduction of their music where cost is no object."

Robert H. Levi -

download full PDF copy


Mike Valentine Review - Elation!

"Every aspect of every track we played was improved when using the "Elation" cables. The non scientific reaction for everyone who listened - was a huge smile!"

Mike Valentine -

download full PDF copy



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