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Wilson Benesch Delivers
Astonishing Clarity  
Wonderfully Natural Sound
Full Rich Midrange
Voices Speak with Authority
Clear Natural Musical Bass


Founded in 1989 and owned and Directed by Craig Milnes and Chistina Milnes Wilson Benesch is located near the Advanced Manufacturing Park or (AMP) in Sheffield England. There proximity has given them access to many of England’s top design engineers, testing labs, resonance control analysis and futuristic manufacturing techniques, including those in carbon fiber.

“By involving the artisan craftsmen responsible for short-run specialist products used in the likes of Formula 1 and the audio industry, large-scale manufacturing can learn and develop new techniques culminating, for example, in the process that “knits” the carbon-fiber fuselage for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. It’s this symbiotic relationship that allows a tiny company like Wilson Benesch to sit at the same table as Boeing and Rolls-Royce, with access to hardware and expertise that are beyond most of our wildest dreams.” Roy Gregory


























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