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The complex hybrid construction of the Carbon Fiber and aluminum cabinet is virtually inaudible, exhibiting one of the lowest signal to noise ratios of any loudspeaker in the world, yet is capable of delivering all the dynamic energy from the ultra-powerful drive units.

“So it was with a generous helping of volume that I discovered that Wilson Benesch have done an extraordinary job of creating a loudspeaker that will play loud and cleanly, at levels that lesser engineered speakers may be starting to experience distress or even failure.”  Marc Gusew, StereoNET.

“It was very easy to love these loudspeakers. It is rare when I experience a component that ticks all the boxes. They seem to do everything that they are supposed to do, essentially that is to look attractive and to make beautiful music. I could easily live with a pair and be thoroughly content with my choice….”

“After a few days of background listening while I work in my study, I’m struck by the realization that these speakers, even at low volume settings, have the ability to convey the musical intent, the very substance of a musical track in a manner that I am unaccustomed to. It’s simply operating at a higher level than I am used to hearing. The body of the sound is there, smooth and very life like. And this I believe is what all of us are looking for, something that can hold our attention, even after many hours and provide a new and clearer insight into our music collection. It’s more than just the added detail that you are hearing, but it’s the combination of factors that allow a recital or an interpretation of the music in a refreshingly natural way. I’m hooked!” Marc Gusew, StereoNET.

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